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A punk band from Ulvila, Finland. The band was founded in 1981 and their first album came out in 1983. At that time Destrucktions had already split up, so that is the only recording they have ever released.

Side A:
1     Kärpästen Juhla     1:24
2     Massa K     1:45
3     Lääke     1:33
4     Juttu     2:30
5     Itsemurha     1:41
6     Hinta     1:25
7     STK     2:08
8     Kenellä On Valta?     2:06
9     Big Face     1:57
10     Join The Army     1:56
11     You Looked The Other Way     1:50
12     SS Man     1:32

Side B:
1     Demokratia     1:39
2     Tää On Rasittavaa     1:38
3     Kenellä On Valta?     1:47
4     Mitä Väliä     2:05
5     Piiritys     1:17
6     Vääryys     1:17
7     Ei Voi Vaikuttaa     1:36
8     Tehkää Jotain!     1:41
9     Hinta     1:41
10     Could You Tell Me Why     1:24
11     Russian     1:43
12     Poppycock     2:09
13     Enemies     1:41

A01-A07 + B01-B08 previously released on Vox Populi LP (Rock-O-Rama/RRR.31/1983/Germany)
A08 previously released on Finnish Spunk Hard Beat LP (Rock-O-Rama/RRR.41/1984/Germany)
B09 previously released on Hardcore '83 LP (Propaganda/PRO 011/193/Finland)
Licensed from Propaganda Records, Finland. Tattis.
Recorded 1983 at Laser Studio, Ulvila, Finland. Engineered by Mickey Palomäki.
A09-A12 from previously unreleased Demo, ca. 19.6.1982. Recorded at Sointula, Ulvila, Finland. Engineered by Antti Grahn.
B10-B13 from previously unreleased Demo, ca. 14.1.1983. Recorded at Ressun Kämppä, Ulvila, Finland. Engineered by Reijo Ruosila.

Comes in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics in Finnish and band history in both Finnish and English as well as some archive pictures.

DESTRUCKTIONS - Complete Destrucktions LP

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